Meet the Maker

Hi!  My name is Suzanne.  Welcome to Tabby Cat Creative Company.  I hope that you will look around and find something here that you would love to wear.  At Tabby Cat we feel that everyone should love who they are and what they wear.  We should embrace our uniqueness and differences.  We should show the world that being individuals is wonderful.  

I have always been creative and began making simple beaded jewelry about 3 years ago.  Then I started working with gemstones and found that I have a passion for stones.  I love the uniqueness and beauty that Mother Nature has surrounded us with.  At Tabby Cat, we strive to capture the beauty of Mother Nature's creations in our own pieces of art.  Combining stones and metal makes me happy.

The name of my company came from our menagerie of pets.  We have a dog and 4 cats.  The dog (who actually thinks he is a funny looking cat because he is the baby) is brown and white.  Three of the cats are black and white.  The fourth cat is Annie.  She is a brown tabby and my little tigress.  She struts around the house bossing everyone around, including her people.  She is a definitely a diva.  One day I realized that Annie doesn't just embrace her stripes- she flaunts them.  That got me thinking about people and how we sometimes try to hide who we are to blend into what is "normal".  I wish more people could be like Annie.  We should all flaunt who we are and embrace our differences.  So, between Annie and Mother Nature, Tabby Cat was born.